Ethics and Social Responsibility


Being a photo travel company we are mindful of our responsibilities towards the stakeholder in the wildlife tourism sector.  Below are some of the best practices we use while conducting the safaris.

a) Our top priority is wellbeing of wildlife/nature and safety of our clients. We do adhere to all the rules laid out by the national park authorities.

b) We never disturb/distract or cause alarm to the animals/birds in order to get pictures. A safe distance is always maintained and we become silent witnesses to the natural history that unfold in the wild. 

c) We always choose lodges / camps and hotels that employ/ are in partnership with local communities. This way, the community gets benefited form the wildlife tourism and understand the importance of preserving nature and wildlife. The lodges we use for our tours use local produce as much as possible. Some of our lodges only have solar powered lamps in the tents and only environment friendly soaps and shampoos are provided.

d) We encourage our clients to adopt a conservative approach while using natural resources like water and food. Wastage of such resources is discouraged.

e) We believe in giving back to the local community and ensure that items such as books, study material and medicines are distributed to the local communities in the natural park are where they are needed most.

f) Our clients are encouraged to pack light and carry only essential items, and fly economy class that way reducing their carbon footprint.

g) We encourage our clients to share vehicles transfer vehicles between locations, so that the environmental impact and pollution is minimal. 

h) Our clients are encouraged to visit local communities and witness the minimalistic ways of living first hand. This way we encourage a healthy connection with locals and clients.

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