Wildlife Photography Tours India

Wildlife Photography Tours India

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India has a wide range of wildlife in abundance, which makes it easier to photograph wild animal and exotic birds in picturesque landscapes.

Right from the Snow leopard of Himalayan mountain ranges to the Asiatic lions of Saurashtra, Gujarat, from Tigers in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra to One horned Rhinos & Asiatic elephants in Kaziranga National park, Assam, there is no dearth of wildlife in India.

Asiatic Lions are only found in India and only 523 individual lions remain on earth.

India has more than 65% population of wild Tigers. One horned Rhinos are only found in their natural habitat in Assam, India.

The bird life, insects and reptiles are in abundance too. National Geographic, BBC and other renowned production units from around the globe come to India to shoot wildlife in their natural habitat. We organise a number of wildlife safaris throughout the year for photographers, videographers as well as nature lovers.

Unlike others, we do not outsource our tours to local companies to run the show. We do it ourselves, from taking you to the jungle to helping with your photography and post processing is done by ourselves, which ensures consistency in our service.

We do not hand you over to the local guide / local photographer and leave you to deal with them. We have been photographing wildlife in India over 25 years, we know the parks, lodges, routes and tracking methods very well.

Although we run our marketing office from London (UK), we ALWAYS accompany our clients to their destinations. We are multilingual and we can speak Hindi and Marathi (local languages). This helps to converse with drivers/rangers who barely speak English. This benefits our clients in terms of better photography opportunities and greater level of service.

If you wish to explore the Indian wildlife in jungles and photograph them like a locals, give us a call or book online.

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